After searching you might want to change the order in which search entries appear. To do that you can apply a sorting configuration to the search. By default results are sorted by the time they were imported but this can be changed by clicking on the sort button.

This will open up a dialog with the current sorting configuration.

The key used for sorting can be configured in the first drop-down (1). You can specify which sort direction should be applied for the specific key (2). When selecting the Namespace key you have to additionally provide the namespaces that shuld be used (3). Sorting by namespace uses the tags with the specific namespace assigned to the image as sorting values. For example if you’ve got files that have tags of the page namespaced assigned like page:1, page:2, page:3 and so on you can sort by the page namespace to get them in the correct order. The value is first interpreted as a numerical value and if that fails as a string value and sorted alphabetically. To add new search entries you can use the plus button (5). Entries can be removed by using the minus button (4). You can change the order in which search entries are applied by dragging and dropping entries in the right position with their handles (6). If you want to save a specific sorting configuration so that it doesn’t need to be configured for each page you can use the Save new button in the bottom left (7).

This will create a new entry which can be selected via a drop-down (11) at the top which is only visible when there’s sorting configurations stored in the repository. The selected configuration can also be overwritten with the Save button (9) or deleted with the Delete button (10).

When you’re satisfied with the sorting configuration you can apply it by pressing the Sort button (8).

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